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Freeze Dried Fruit

Freeze Dried Fruit

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At Zina’s Floral, our passion for freshness meets the art of freeze drying! Nestled in the heart of our picturesque farm, we lovingly prepare each batch of freeze-dried fruit, ensuring you enjoy nature’s sweetness in its purest form.

Why do we love freeze-dried fruit so much?

• Farm-Fresh Goodness that lasts much longer: Freeze-dried fruit lasts for years, especially in our airtight mylar bags. This makes them fantastic for food storage and long trips.

• ConvenienceFreeze-dried fruit is easy to bring anywhere--church, hiking, mountain biking, camping, plane trips, in the car, and more. It will stay fresh for your entire trip and it weighs almost nothing.

• All-Natural Process: We use advanced freeze-drying techniques to lock in the natural sweetness and nutrients, without any added sugars or preservatives.

Indulge in our range of delectable fruits, from the tangy sweetness of strawberries to the rich, tropical notes of bananas. Each pack embodies the essence of our farm’s commitment to quality, freshness, and the joy of natural, wholesome snacks.

Embrace the taste of nature’s best with Zina’s Floral Freeze-Dried Fruit – your anytime, anywhere snack!

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